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RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution

RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution


Fixed asset management (EAM) is the important component of enterprise management .It has features such as high value , long lifetime , dispersed location for using and management difficultly . Most of enterprises have happened the below problems when they handle the fixed asset management .

1: Heavy inventory working , cost time and labour causes information feedback can not timeliness .it will effect the enterprises' operation and repurchase of assets

2: Device catalogue and quantity bigger and cost too much time in manual posting when warehouse in and out .

3:Actual device always can not find in annual stocktaking or not match with account .

4:Get the device 's account information then we can know device warranty period ,  suppliers and how to repair later .

5:It is easy to make confusion in annual stocktaking if can not change account information in time for any personal change

6:It is difficult to check ,update and maintain if take long tie and make large quantity documents and data

7: Because can not match right information and get information in time for devices administrator then make business delay , but some branches or department free devices always do not work .

Overview :

Using UHF RFID technology and software to manage fixed assets . We put RFID sticker on requested assets and set up RFID reader in each channel .host system will divide assets into area or sorts management .System can track assets position automatic and fixed the direction when assets move away .Read with UHF RFID handheld reader and encode device information into RFID sticker in time when we are stocktaking.

RFID Sticker

RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ) is a kind of contact-less automatic identification technology . It identifies object and gets related data automatic without any manual intervention . As the upgrade wireless version than barcode . RFID can waterproof ,antimagnetic ,high temperature resistance ,long lifetime ,long reading distance , data can be encrypted and big memory ,etc .

Traditional BarcodeRFID Sticker
Short reading distanceLarge reading distance and UHF RFID sticker can over 6M
Read one piece each timeHundred of RFID sticker can be read at same time
Can not be read if any barriersBe read without any barriers ,signal can go through paper ,wood .etc .
Smaller memoryLarge memory
Easy to destroy and dirtyWorking lifetime can be over 10 years
Disposable and can not reuseCan reuse
Normal with paper materialDifferent shape and material , can ceramic ,wood ,metal .etc

Solution Structure

RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution


Plan to use B/S structure to develop and all customers PC can work this software in the LAN . It can make leader check works when subordinates change the asset.

· The core of this solution includes RFID sticker management, assets increased, modification, maintenance, scrap, depreciation, borrowing, allocation using department, using department modification, administrative permission setting ,exchange documents in different department , different reports printing , grouped checking ,expire warning etc . It can check each fixed asset information when it is from purchasing to work and retirement.

1) Asset daily operation management

mainly includes the fixed asset newly increased ,modification ,borrowing ,return ,maintenance, asset retirement. etc . Each asset also can attach picture for checking valuables images .

2) Asset additional custom attributes

different devices needs to record the individual attribute such as color , material ,place of original in furniture industry and weight , size for bigger equipment besides assets common attributes (such as date of purchasing , original value ) . Different assets have different attributes.

3) RFID sticker management

generate automatic stickers according to the selected asset and stick on assets so can check every items.

4) Inventory function

download all inventory assets information into handheld reader then we can scan them and get match information one by one . we can know which one does not check and can generate detailed documents ,summary sheet after we finish inventory according to different department or rooms.

5) Depreciation

variety of depreciation for different devices.

6) Assets retirement

system can print the applied sheet of assets retirement and in retirement procedures.can register and check assets sell information.

7) History assets checking

store into the history database individual for retirement and end using assets . it cannot only quick checking and convenient but also search related information faster.

8) Monthly report for fixed assets

classified statistic monthly (yearly ) report , month report for asset increased , asset reduced ,assets retirement report monthly or yearly and print out according to unit , department and timing.

9) Integrated query

can check single or bulk of assets  ,including assets catalogue , date of purchasing , purchaser ,supplier ,using department , assets net value , asset name ,specification etc .all checking information can derive excel form.

10) System maintaining

mainly can be asset catalogue definition , cancel definition(includes the asset retirement and loss ) ,purchase way definition ( directly purchasing , superior transfer , same position transfer or   external presents )   , warehouse definition , department definition ,  custodian definition .etc

Solution procedures

RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Devices Management

RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Document Management

RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Solution features

1:  whole system can long distance reading and identification , high security ,easy to expand . asset identification system can work individual without any system .

2:  Build the security and reliable registered asset documents . use RFID technology to strongly supervise assets ,  rational allocation of resources and reduce the wasting

3:  Solve the chaos and instantaneity problem according to actual situation and research from professional technical perspective . Offer the digital platform for assets identification and smart management in order to improve the management level of company internal .

4:  Totally use RFID selection automatic and GRPS wireless transfer features to make sure assets changing information match system database .It can make back database to supervise all working procedures in time and make administrator can allocate and use assets in time in office .

5:  All assets data one-time input and system can automatic judge asset situation (increase ,allocate ,free , retirement ) according to different base station and collected data from RFID reader . The end-user can check and account data anytime ,anywhere through visual GIS operation interface and IE (internet explorer)

6: With the character of physical management and purpose to simplify the complexity .Use RFID technology to work out situation which the item can not match with account .

7: Apply the average method of depreciation to finish fixed assets depreciation and reduce statistic mistakes .

8: Work with high efficiency data transfer technology and unique permission management philosophy to make leader know clear all assets situation in office without checking themselves .

9: inventory rate has improve and now few people cost several days can finish than some dozen of people cost several months to check . it can greatly make sure economize business philosophy.  

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