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RFID Parking Management Solution


RFID Packing Management Solution

The traditional parking management always uses short range to swipe card or take the paper ticket for entrance and exit proof , it is focus on charging ,toll and cars ' timing for entrance and exit .but it does not consider the packing area 's security , operating efficiency and customize for car owners .

Such as

1: car owner has to stop driving in order to swipe card or take paper tickets;

2: It is easy to car slipping when we swipe card and drive up the ramp or down the ramp;

3: It will get wet with your hand when we take ticket or swipe card out of car in raining day;

4: It is easy to cause traffic jam in rush hours;

Car owner stops driving at the front of barrier gate and opens the car window to get packing card after you press the car box button and make card closed to the reader then you can go through the gate .It is seems to simple action but it is arduous for us everyday .Even traditional packing needs several people to manage and causes high cost and low efficiency.


Working with RFID technology you can make various read & re-write rfid tags even can adjust the reading distance according to the actual application .This system can identify, collect and record the entrance& exit cars information at same time when RFID reader to read RFID tags automatic .It can make sure vehicles automatic identification and informatization management in order to improve the    efficiency and security , reduce the people's working and check all data for cars come in and go out .we can not only keep all functions of traditional parking management system ,but also improve the managing media base on the previously toll media.

RFID Packing Management Solution


1: Cars entrances into the park and camera takes pictures automatic .We can get cars' model, licence information and cars'colour after computer processing and make all information and user card unique match then storing the database together;

2: Cars can be released after user card , licence number or vehicle's image total matching;

3: One car one card management model means all cars data will be related with this RFID card ID number, we can unify the user information, vehicle information ,licence ,car colour , car image ,parking time from this unique ID. It will easy to check and store and easy to help us to make all data in the same database, such as charging management , park guiding and vehicle identification security monitoring and control subsystem.

RFID Packing Management Solution

Solution Procedure:

There are many advantages we work with RFID identification system than another ,even the data is  anti-pollution and durable so we use RFID identification into our park management system;

It will be basic for customer parking or driving away car during we operate the parking management system .Normally we can classify temporary user and long term user;

When car enters or drives away the park's antenna communication area , it will bidirectional data exchange under microwave communication between antenna and RFID card .we can get the vehicle 's information when we read the RFID card and identify the validity of card from lane control computer;

The land control computer will automatic store these data into database like vehicle model , driver and timing for entrance and exit then judging to release or prohibit.

Temporary user entering procedures

1:  The temporary car enters the park and can be read by induction coil we put the lane underground;

2:  Make the signal transmit to entrance controller and give the command to related equipment ,then starting the camera and vehicle identification;

3:  Recording the licence number , color ,vehicle model after computer analysing the image;

4:  Taking card after voice prompt and entrance controller capture signal then sending the command to card sender;

5:  Sending the temporary RFID card after getting command and match card's ID with system getting information . also voice inform that user has taken temporary card;

6:  The card sender will take back the card automatically and entrance controller will cancel this enter procedure if user can not take card within the required time;

7:  Card sender transmit the signal to entrance controller and raise up the barrier let user enter after user take the RFID card;

8:  The barrier will down the original position after vehicle detector show changing signal"have car or without car ", it will avoid any mistakes for hitting car;

9: Entrance controller receives the signal for up barrier and down barrier then finishing this time enter procedure;

Temporary user drives away procedure

1: Vehicle detector detects the car and sends signal to exit controller after user driving car and stop the exit position;

2: Automatic launch the camera system and vehicle identification then getting licence number ,color , model information after analysing by vehicle identification system;

3: Sending back the RFID card to management staff and read the user card ID information;

4: Matching the right ID number into database and confirm user type (temporary or long term ) ,enter timing even checking whether garage has this mated number vehicle and comparing with getting information. It will refuse to release and show error and warring information if can not match;

5: The database will show parking time and charge rate and show the billing in the screen at same time after accounting how much user should pay if all information are matching. Voice prompt for customer how much should pay and finish billing the barrier can be opened by management staff and user can drive away from parking area;

6: The barrier will down the original position automatic after exit vehicle detector show changing signal  "have car or without car ";

7: Computer receives the barrier up and down action and confirms to finish driving away even stores the user RFID card number ,enter and away timing to database;

Long term user enters procedures

1:  Building the information exchange system between RFID reader and RFID cards , RFID cards sends the signal to reader after long term user card vehicle enter the reader reading area.

2:  Judging the card and timing validity . If can get RFID card ID number and send to data analysis centre.

3:  Meanwhile take picture for vehicle and get licence number ,color ,model information after vehicle identification system analysis.

4: Matching the right ID number into database and confirm user type (temporary or long term ) ,enter timing even checking whether garage has this mated number vehicle and comparing with getting information. It will refuse to release and show error and warring information if can not match;

5: Moreover data analysis centre will check whether the long term user card is validity or not . user can enter the parking area after entrance controller send right signal to up the barrier;

6: The barrier will down the original position after entrance vehicle detector show changing signal  "have car or without car;

7:It has data exchanging distance from ten meters to tens of meters between long term user card and reader .It will cost less time and finish all action without contacting each other .When cars arrive the entrance barrier is raising and make sure long term user do not need to stop driving;

Long term user driving away procedures

1:  Reader gets RFID cards information and sends to data analysis centre when long term user's car arrives the exit . Launching the image identification system and judge validity and password even checking ID matching or not;

2:  If all are matching and sending signal to exist controller then raising up the barrier;

3:  User drives away from parking area and finish this procedure.

Solution Advantage

1:  Working with UHF ( 860~960Mhz frequency ,compliance with EPC Global Gen 2 &Class 1 and 18000-6C protocol ) equipment and system reads the UHF cards or tags with long range distance ,It greatly save time in operation and short the entrance & exist timing even we do not contact between RFID cards and equipment;

2:  High reliability , good stability and low maintaining cost. system has data backup and recover function .Once we lose the RFID tags or cards can be replaced in time .More important thing is RFID tags or cards have high security and anti-clone can make sure cars' security . All cars come    in or drive away will be confirmed by computer and avoid mistakes by manual . It is greatly protecting the parking investors ' rights and better to improve the property service's quality and reputation.

Solution Feature

· Long range distance reading

· Efficient and accurate for identifying and releasing vehicle in and out

· Collecting and recording vehicle data

· High automatic

· Improving the customer service quality

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