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RFID Pet Management



Keeping pets has become a fashion for modern urbanites which makes the pets market be growing .Pets have been important part with us and make much more bliss for human life ,but pet supervision and safety problems have not been solved effectively :

1:  Defecation anyplace and crawling scratch affected the public health;

2:  Keeping barking day and night affect neighbour's life;

3:  People easy to infect parasites and bacteria from pets , will threatening human health even death;

4:  Biting events happen frequently cause numbers to increase in dying by rabies and threaten people's life;

5:  People can not track and check pets efficient cause homeless dogs to increase and pets security problems will be obviously.

All above points make seriously effect for citizens and some law- enforcement departments have taken action or researched how to keep pets with effective management and radically solve pets problems.


This solution will use RFID Chip insert into body of pets for managing the pet and make each one has unique ID for tracking and checking.

RFID chip carries information with pets genealogy .identify ,owners .etc. Take reference with exist pets management system and use handle reader with software to read single or group in order to make pet management come true with highly informative intelligentize ,facilitation and solve the bug from the past pets management system.


1:  Build the unit record for pets--Insert into the RFID tag and input pets detailed information    into database for checking and re-write in nearly future .

2:  Read the RFID tags and can get pets detailed information in order to make effective helps when pets quarantine , finding the lose pets and control the homeless pets. Zhixin RFID Tags have features of re-writing and deleting even can make pet ownership transfer come true.


Solution Structure


Pets RFID Glass Tube Tag

Pets RFID Glass Tube Tag as smaller as rice ,it has biocompatible glass package outside and can total    compatible with organism and do not make any discomfort .This product is created with lifetime over 20 years so it the identification code can be read and be along with pet whole life as identification application


Procedures of inserting RFID Tube Tag (different pets will different position for inserting)


Solution Features

1: Pets identify: Every inserted RFID chip has global unique identification code ( normally call UID ) and can be along with pet whole life because every chip has be created and lifetime over 20years .People can encode basic information including pets name ,species ,gender ,birth date ,physiological feature and owner's name ,address , contacts .etc . The supervision department or pet hospital can get pets information quickly only through using handle RFID reader to scan also can input the RFID chip UID and connect the internet for getting more information and identifying the pet.

2: Track and check ; homeless pets shelter staff only needs to scan RFID tags and can get owner's detailed information then calling owner to claim or sending back to owner .People can issue the pet lost information on website and get back lost pets quickly from internet .

3: Supervise uncivilized actions for abandoning pets ; identify the stray pets , find the owner contacts and punish for abandoning pets. All will reduce the seriously social problems for increasing homeless pets and protect city environment and people 's daily life.

4: Pets accounting; there are no effective ways to manage increasing pets by now ,It will be lower efficiency and high maintenance cost with original register and photo model . Use RFID solution can make city management department to manage pets more effective and offer efficient ,accurate data statistics.

5: Epidemic control ; It is difficult to build epidemic pre-warning system with traditional model if any epidemic make. We can work out this problem more effective with pre-warning what offered by RFID management system.

6: Determine punished people , It can not punish owners even at the scene and only take the action for confiscation or destroy because the most of pets do not register . We are easy to lock the owner from RFID management database and not only solving the problem for punished people but also warning them better to manage their pets.

Solution Advantage

1: Use specialty RFID glassy tube tags and lifetime over 20 years can be along with pets whole lifetime .It will be easy to insert and no any discomforts . passive working model and do not any battery inside without any maintaining.

2: Work with multifunction reader and multi transmission interface can connect with wireless transfer, bluetooth and GRPS model.

3: High performance traceability solution can track whole life cycle and manage epidemic strictly take the sample of dogs, it can effective control rabies and uncivilized keeping pets.

4: Record the pets medical history, case, state of medical for later pets treatment taking reference.

5: Improve the management level; Computerization management and fully regulate pets activities.

6: Expandability of system; consider to future development and promote information construction, we make the system can expandable.

7: Conveniences : electronic centralized management and most data is searched by server , it can save much more human cost and time even make high effective response.

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