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What Is An RFID System?

Jul. 21, 2020

The Radio Frequency Identification System is a non-contact automatic identification system, which automatically recognizes the target object through radio frequency wireless signals and obtains related data. It is composed of electronic tags, readers, and computer networks. The radio frequency identification system uses electronic tags to identify objects. The electronic tags exchange data with the reader through radio waves. The reader can transmit the read and write commands of the host to the electronic tag, and then transmit the data returned by the electronic tag to the host. The data exchange and management system are responsible for the storage, management, and control of electronic label data information.

According to the RFID Blocking Card Supplier, the RFID system has a basic workflow. From the workflow, it can be seen that the RFID system uses radio frequency to perform non-contact two-way data transmission between the reader and the electronic tag to achieve target recognition. , The purpose of data transmission and control. The general workflow of the RFID system is as follows:

What Is An RFID System?

RFID Hard Tag

① The reader sends a certain frequency radio frequency signal through the transmitting antenna.

② When the RFID Hard Tag enters the working area of the reader antenna, the electronic tag antenna generates enough induced current, and the electronic tag gains energy and is activated.

③The electronic tag sends its own information through the built-in antenna.

④The reader antenna receives the carrier signal sent from the electronic tag.

⑤The reader antenna transmits the carrier signal to the reader.

⑥ The reader demodulates and decodes the received signal, and then sends it to the system high-level for related processing.

⑦ The system high-level judges the legitimacy of the electronic label based on logical operations.

⑧ The high-level system of the system makes corresponding processing for different settings, send out command signals, and controls the action of the actuator.

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