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Six Applications Of RFID Technology

Aug. 03, 2020

RFID is widely used. It has made breakthrough progress in domestic financial payment, identity recognition, traffic management, military and security, asset management, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, finance, logistics, industrial control and other fields. The field has begun to enter the stage of large-scale application. Zhang Xiangguang, a consultant from Sansheng, said that with the further maturity of RFID technology and the further reduction of costs, RFID technology has begun to be gradually applied to various industries. Let's take a look at six applications of RFID technology with RFID Blocking Card Suppliers.

(1) Highway toll collection and intelligent transportation system

Expressway automatic toll collection system is one of the most successful applications of radio frequency identification technology.

At present, China’s expressways are developing very fast. The prerequisite for regional economic development is to have convenient traffic conditions. However, there are some problems with expressway tolls. First, traffic jams. At toll gates, many vehicles have to stop and queue to pay. Traffic bottlenecks; second, the tolls collected by a few illegal toll collectors have caused the country to suffer a loss of fiscal revenue.

The application of REID technology in automatic highway toll collection can fully reflect the advantages of this technology. The toll payment is automatically completed when the vehicle passes through the toll station at high speed, which solves the bottleneck problem of traffic, improves the speed of the vehicle, avoids congestion, improves the efficiency of toll calculation, and can solve the problem of tolls collected by toll collectors.

(2) Production automation and process control

RFID technology has many applications in production process control due to its strong resistance to harsh environments and non-contact identification. Through the use of RFID technology in the automated assembly line of large factories, material tracking and automatic control and monitoring of the production process is realized, production efficiency is improved, production methods are improved, and costs are reduced:

(3) Automatic vehicle identification and anti-theft

Through the establishment of an automatic vehicle number recognition system using radio frequency identification technology, it is possible to know the operation of the vehicle at any time, not only to realize the automatic tracking management of the vehicle, but also to greatly reduce the possibility of accidents and the owner of the vehicle can be Carry out effective verification to prevent vehicle theft, and effectively find the lost vehicle after the vehicle is lost.

Using radio frequency identification technology can carry out real-time monitoring, statistics, and dispatching of road traffic flow. It can also be used for vehicle red light recording and alarm, stolen (suspicious) vehicle alarm and tracking, special vehicle tracking, and hit-and-run vehicle investigation. According to reports, the United Kingdom plans to install radio frequency chips in cars, which will be automatically "reported" when speeding.

(4) Electronic ticket

Use electronic tags to replace various "cards" to realize non-cash the settlement, which solves the problems of inconvenient and unsafe cash transactions and the easy damage of various magnetic cards and IC cards in the past. At the same time, electronic tags are convenient and fast to use, and several electronic tags can be identified at the same time, and charges can be made in parallel.

Radiofrequency identification system, especially non-contact IC card (electronic tag), one of the areas with the greatest application potential is the field of public transportation. Using RFID Hard Tags as electronic tickets has advantages such as easy to use, can shorten transaction time, and reduce operating costs.

(5) Cargo tracking management and monitoring

RFID Technology Provides convenient, fast and accurate automated technical means for cargo tracking management and monitoring.

Automatic container identification with radio frequency identification technology as the core has become the world's largest cargo tracking management application. Electronic tags that record the location of the container, item category, quantity and other data are installed on the container. With the help of radio frequency identification technology, the exact location of the container in the cargo yard can be determined. The system can also identify unauthorized container movements, which is conducive to management and safety.

In terms of cargo tracking, management and monitoring, Heathrow Airport in Australia and the United Kingdom applies radio frequency identification technology to passenger baggage management, which greatly improves sorting efficiency and reduces error rates. A few years ago, the European Community required that new model produced in 1997 must-have an anti-theft system based on radio frequency identification technology. At present, my country's railway department also plans to promote the automatic luggage tracking management system, but the real application will take time.

(6) Warehousing, distribution and other logistics links

Using radio frequency identification system for intelligent warehouse goods management can effectively solve the management of information related to the flow of goods in the warehouse, monitor goods information, understand inventory in real-time, automatically identify goods, and determine the location of goods.

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