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What Are The Classification Of Rfid Tags?

Jul. 14, 2020

What are the classifications of RFID tags? We learned from the China RFID CPU Card Manufacturers that RFID tags are widely used, and they can be classified by packaging method or by usage.

RFID tags are classified according to usage and can be divided into the following types:

1. RFID fixed asset management tag: The application of RFID tags in the field of fixed asset management is very mature. The use of RFID tags can achieve intelligent management and batch inventory.

2. RFID animal management electronic tags: In animal management, the use of animal ear tag electronic tags, small size, lightweight, simple implantation, beneficial to animal management, meat anti-counterfeiting traceability and other advantages.

3. RFID logistics electronic tags: In logistics transportation management and logistics warehousing management, the use of logistics electronic tags can facilitate logistics express tracking and effective classification and identification of warehousing, improve work efficiency and other advantages.

4. RFID clothing electronic tags: Use clothing electronic tags to manage the quantity, size, colour and other information of clothing, efficiently classify and count the numbers, so as to provide customers with related products.

Round RFID Tag Sticker

Round RFID Tag Sticker

5. RFID laundry electronic tag: According to the information of the laundry electronic tag, choose whether to wash the product and effectively perform different types of washing on clothes.

6. RFID medical electronic tags: To classify and use medical equipment and medical waste, medical electronic tags are needed, which can improve the health and safety guarantee of the medical practitioners.

7. RFID supermarket retail electronic tags: For the effective classification and management of supermarket products, it is irreplaceable to carry out "leakage inspection and filling vacancies".

8. RFID book electronic tags: In library management and book distribution, the use of book electronic tags is conducive to book management, so that the construction of RFID book management system strengthens the management of books and facilitates the search and other advantages.

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