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What's Special About Revealing Rfid Radio Frequency Soft Tags?

Jun. 15, 2020

You may often see anti-theft soft labels on the products of supermarkets, cosmetics stores, and pharmacies. The soft label is easy to use, has a good anti-theft effect and low cost, and can be directly pasted on the product. Anti-theft soft tags include acoustic magnetic soft tags and radio frequency soft tags. There are various shapes, such as square, rectangular, circular, irregular shapes, etc. Among them, RFID radio frequency soft tags are currently popular tags. So do you know its characteristics? If you don’t understand it, let’s talk with the RFID Tag Sticker Manufacturer!

RFID radio frequency soft label can be regarded as the electronic version of the bar code, its working principle is the radio principle, through the electromagnetic wave carrier, modulation and other processes to obtain the number information in the RFID tag chip, the working frequency of the RFID tag is 8.2MHz , The detection distance is 0.8-1.2 meters, the price is cheap and reliable, suitable for various commodities.

RFID radio frequency soft tags have the following characteristics:

1. RF soft labels cannot be directly attached to metal or foil products.

2. RFID radio frequency soft tags cannot overlap (more than two).

3. The labeling position should be as flat as possible. The bonding surface should be as small as possible and cannot be folded. Can't be less than 120 degrees.

4. RFID tags are usually more durable and will not be affected by the environment, can withstand high temperatures and water, acid and alkali and other harsh environments.

5. The data storage capacity of radio frequency soft tags is large, compared with the traditional form of tags, the capacity is larger (1-1024bit), and the data can be updated at any time.

6. RFID tag is not like bar code, its unique identifier can not be copied, it is a special number. The content of the label can be read and written repeatedly.

After understanding RFID soft tags, do you still want to understand RFID Hard Tags? Welcome to contact us RFID Tag Sticker Manufacturer.

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