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Why Should RFID Be Protected?

Jun. 22, 2020

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has long been one of the important foundations of modern industry. Inconspicuous and ubiquitous RFID tags have become the currency for the navigation of goods and information in the industrial production process. From the initial internal and external logistics areas, that is, Logistic RFID Sticker help goods transfer from point A to point B in a completely transparent and easy-to-track manner, the technology has been extended to other areas, such as access control or manufacturing execution systems.

China RFID CPU Card Manufacturers point out that within the scope of Industry 4.0, manufacturing has become more dependent on automatic tracking and reliable item identification. To ensure a high degree of flexibility in increasingly complex, often very heterogeneous, but closely connected environments, RFID technology becomes even more important.

With its low cost and almost universal installation base, RFID will be the ideal solution to organize future industrial applications: the development of the ability to reliably track the supply chain helps to coordinate customer needs, custom production of small batches or single products, new industrial application prospects Depends on communication and secure data flow and identity. Tiny RFID tags are the enablers of these scenarios. RFID readers serve as the eyes and ears of the supply chain, automated factory environment, and subsequent shipments and distribution of finished products to target customers.

Industrial Internet of Things communication security challenges. However, traditional RFID systems represent a potential weakness in the new IIoT environment. Without additional security measures, the communication between Low Frequency Rfid Sticker Tags and readers will be targeted by cloning, reverse engineering, snooping, replay, man-in-the-middle or denial of service attacks, or other malicious attempts to exploit or sniff. Data or manipulation of data to obtain harm or illegal profits.

With ubiquitous and mature technologies like RFID, any attempt to plug these loopholes must be carried out within given parameters and limited technical capabilities. Replacing the entire concept seems commercially untenable. Therefore, new security measures need to seamlessly meet the given standards, while adapting to the strongest and most versatile security capabilities.

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